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16 inch alloy wheels · 2.0L petrol ·  Smart city brakes support · Rear parking sensors

Start it up: Push-button engine starting is the easy and an exciting way to get the drive going.
Comfort at every turn: Integrated air-conditioning and heating controlled by clear, easy-to-use dials.
See and Hear: Powerful 4-speaker audio system is USB and Bluetooth compaitble. Control is via compact display unit.
Always in control: Smart City Brake Support helps prevent or lessen low speed collisions by applying the brakes if you don't.

Congratulations to our winners in the latest $1,000 Quick Cash winners on the Solutions $50,000 Cash Bonanza

Quick Cash Draw 1
$1,000 Winner J Michel from VIC "Thank you so much!"
$1,000 Winner C Lamplough frm VIC
$1,000 Winner M Labrosse from NSW
$1,000 Winner C Barassi from VIC

Quick Cash Draw 2
$1,000 Winner G Henry from NSW
$1,000 Winner C Spencer from VIC
$1,000 Winner G Heyes from QLD

Quick Cash Draw 3
$1,000 Winner B Herbert from QLD
$1,000 Winner B Herbert from NSW   
$1,000 Winner V Grinpukel  from VIC "Thank you so much for the lovely surprise... hoping you may be able to surprise me again with similar good news!"

Congratulations to all the lucky winners in past $70,000 Cash Bonanza Draw

Congratulations to our latest $20,000 Cash Bonanza winner: J Mitchell from NSW

"I see the prizes in the catalogue and never thought I’d win. I can’t believe it’s me who won $20,000. It’s unbelievable! I’m putting my winnings into a trust account for the grandchildren, taking my husband on a holiday to Nelsons Bay, and will use the rest during my retirement. Winning is now a reality, everyone should shop with Solutions as you never know your luck!" (J Mitchell, NSW)

Quick Cash Draw 1
$1,000 Winner L Campbell from VIC
$1,000 Winner A Newton from QLD
$1,000 Winner N Lejcak from VIC
$1,000 Winner B McCarthy from WA
$1,000 Winner J Saras from NSW

Quick Cash Draw 2
$1,000 Winner C Russo from VIC
$1,000 Winner J Cole from QLD
$1,000 Winner D Johns from NSW
$1,000 Winner V Wild from QLD
$1,000 Winner E Langley from VIC

Quick Cash Draw 3
$1,000 Winner D Ruddick from VIC
$1,000 Winner G Mortimer from VIC
$1,000 Winner D Adams from NSW
$1,000 Winner G Nilsson-Harding from NSW
$1,000 Winner J Murray from VIC

Quick Cash Draw 4
$1,000 Winner H Prince frm VIC
$1,000 Winner R Sandercock from SA
$1,000 Winner C Galloway from NSW
$1,000 Winner M Harvey from VIC
$1,000 Winner P Hayward from NSW

Quick Cash Draw 5
$1,000 Winner D Rawy from QLD
$1,000 Winner J Copeland from NSW
$1,000 Winner J Meppem from NSW "Many thanks. Great surprise."
$1,000 Winner L Buhler from New Zealand
$1,000 Winner L Gallagher from NSW "It was a pleasant surprise to receive the $1,000 prize cheque."

Quick Cash Draw 6
$1,000 Winner J Hughes from NSW
$1,000 Winner C Ward from VIC
$1,000 Winner Joan Bolger from VIC
$1,000 Winner M Allen from TAS
$1,000 Winner R Taylor from VIC

Quick Cash Draw 7
$1,000 Winner C Martin from QLD
$1,000 Winner G Lyons from VIC
$1,000 Winner J Clark from VIC
$1,000 Winner B Pace from NSW
$1,000 Winner C Andrews from NSW

Quick Cash Draw 8
$1,000 Winner L Thomas from VIC
$1,000 Winner G Humphrys from QLD
$1,000 Winner G Burns-Woods from NSW
$1,000 Winner G Smith from NSW
$1,000 Winner D Harris from VIC "I am amazed at having won $1,000. What a lovely surprise. Thank you very much."

Quick Cash Draw 9
$1,000 Winner C Brisbane from VIC
$1,000 Winner B Walley from WA
$1,000 Winner J Sprengel from WA
$1,000 Winner J Barry frm VIC
$1,000 Winner T Baphis from NSW

Quick Cash Draw 10
$1,000 Winner L Halloran from ACT "My very first "very own" certificate". Thanks to Solutions by NGT. Came at a good time!"
$1,000 Winner T Brandes from TAS
$1,000 Winner B Leeson from QLD "It was a surpise to get your phone call telling me that I had won $1,000. It made my day happier."
$1,000 Winner C Leehane from SA
$1,000 Winner V Leismann from QLD 

Take it from Mr Sandercock... not only did he win $20,000 in the 2016 Solutions® Cash Bonanza - he shopped again and won another $1,000!

“I want to take a few minutes to express my extreme and most sincere thanks to everybody at Solutions® for making this win possible. Never in my 72 years have I won anything more than a $100 supermarket voucher... then came your call and an envelope that has simply changed my life. A truly very sincere thank you to Solutions® and I look forward to purchasing from you again.” R Sandercock (SA)