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“I want to take a few minutes to express my extreme and most sincere thanks to everybody at Solutions® for making this win possible. Never in my 72 years have I won anything more than a $100 supermarket voucher... then came your call and an envelope that has simply changed my life. A truly very sincere thank you to Solutions® and I look forward to purchasing from you again.” R Sandercock (SA)

Congratulations to our winners in the latest $1,000 Cash Bonanza

$1,000 Winner B Walley from WA                                     $1,000 Winner J Sprengel from WA     $1,000 Winner C Brisbane from VIC          
$1,000 Winner J Barry from VIC$1,000 Winner T Baphis from NSW                                                       

Congratulations to all the lucky winners in past sweepstakes draws

$20,000 Winner J Hillier, from SA  
$1,000 Winner L Thomas from VIC$1,000 Winner G Smith from NSW$1,000 Winner G Burns-Woods from NSW
$1,000 Winner G Humphrys from QLD$1,000 Winner D Harris from VIC$1,000 Winner C Andrews from NSW
$1,000 Winner C Martin from QLD$1,000 Winner B Pace from NSW$1,000 Winner J Clark from VIC
$1,000 Winner G Lyons from VIC$1,000 Winner J Hudges from NSW$1,000 Winner R Taylor from VIC
$1,000 Winner C Ward from VIC$1,000 Winner J Bolger from VIC$1,000 Winner M Allan from TAS
$1,000 Winner L Buhler from NZ $1,000 Winner J Meppem from NSW$1,000 Winner J Copeland from NSW
$1,000 Winner L Gallagher from NSW     $1,000 Winner D Ray form QLD$1,000 Winner R Sandercock from SA
$1,000 Winner M Harvey from VIC$1,000 Winner P Hayward from NSW  $1,000 Winner H Prince from VIC
$1,000 Winner C Galloway from NSW  $1,000 Winner V Wild from QLD    $1,000 Winner J Cole from QLD
$1,000 Winner R Carmel from VIC$1,000 Winner J Murray from VIC$1,000 Winner D Adams from NSW
$1,000 Winner G Mortimer from VIC$1,000 Winner G Nilsson-Harding from NSW$1,000 Winner D Ruddick from VIC
$1,000 Winner E Langley from VIC$1,000 Winner D Johns from NSW$1,000 Winner L Campbell from VIC
$1,000 Winner A Newton from QLD$1,000 Winner N Lejcak from VIC   $1,000 Winner B McCarthy from WA    
$1,000 Winner J Saras from NSW             $1,000 Winner M Kelly from VIC $1,000 Winner S Meyer from VIC
$1,000 Winner B Mathews from VIC$1,000 Winner C Calderone from VIC$1,000 Winner V Foote from VIC
$1,000 Winner J Crow from NSW    $1,000 Winner M Connolly from NSW      $1,000 Winner C Hosking from VIC   
$1,000 Winner M Anderson from VIC  $1,000 Winner L Keetman from NSW  $1,000 Winner R Dunstan from WA 
$1,000 Winner P Trembath from NSW     $1,000 Winner L Edwards from QLD$1,000 Winner L Zmisa from ACT
$1,000 Winner A Cox from TAS$1,000 Winner L Laakso, from NSW$1,000 Winner D Gibbs, from VIC 
$1,000 Winner M Ford, from VIC$1,000 Winner J Burton, from WA  $1,000 Winner F Jones, from WA        
$1,000 Winner  K Knight, from NSW$1,000 Winner  K Ward, from QLD$1,000 Winner  S Montebruno, from VIC
$1,000 Winner  M Harries, from SA$1,000 Winner  P Naylor,  from VIC$1,000 Winner  J Quinn, from VIC
$1,000 Winner  C Post, from VIC$1,000 Winner  M Ward, from VIC$1,000 Winner  R Bakker, from NSW
$1,000 Winner  D Avery, from NSW