Heat Reflective Kitchen Mats

Heat Reflective Kitchen Mats

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Protect surfaces & serve in style
Revolutionary heat reflective kitchen mats


Never fear! You can now put scorching hot pans on your benchtops and dining table… without burns, scratching or irreparable damage.

Designed to shield direct heat up to 200ºC these stylish mats have a thick latex core with special ‘relief’ channels that dissipate heat, and a reflective aluminium top that bounces heat away from surfaces.

Use them right next to your cooktop, on your benches or at the table for easy serving (and less washing up!).

Ideal for pots, pans, casseroles, baking trays, toasters and more. Set of three includes 49 x 27cm large mat, 28 x 20cm small mat and 22cm round mat.