Silicone Sponges (set of 2)

Silicone Sponges (set of 2)

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No more smelly sponges
Clean every surface with hygienic silicone


The problem with traditional sponges is they stain, smell, and don’t last - no sooner after you start using them, they are begging to be thrown out! Silicone sponges are made to be used again and again. With over 5000 individual bristles, they clean cutlery, dishes, cookware, chopping boards and more. They won’t scratch non-stick pans, sinks, or cook tops. After use, simply pop in the dishwasher for a thorough hygienic clean. Supplied in two colours (one for kitchen, one for bathroom), you’ll save money on disposables, and say goodbye to smelly unhygienic sponges forever. Each measures 12cm diameter.