Perfect Pooch Dog Trainer

Perfect Pooch Dog Trainer

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Stop unwanted dog barking and jumping

Stop bad behaviour and control unwanted barking

Now you can stop unwanted barking without hurt or harm to your dog. This clever dog silencer device uses ultrasonic frequencies that let you quietly train your dog and finally regain that peace and quiet to your home. 

You’ll be amazed how quickly Perfect Pooch Dog Trainer stops unwanted barking, jumping on people or furniture, bothering neighbours or passers by, and more!

Just press the sonic noise button to reinforce commands like “No”, “Stop”, “Down”, or “Quiet!” The sound immediately gets your dog’s attention, to stop dog's bad behaviour in its tracks.

Unlike shock collars that are painful, this pocket-sized bark control device works up to 6.5 metres, inaudible to humans and no yelling, smacking or shock treatment involved.

Try it today - your neighbours will thank you!

9V battery not included.