Soothe Gel Foot Pads
  • Heel Shields
  • Heel Soles
  • Arch Support

Soothe Gel Foot Pads

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Soothe Gel Heel Soles


Soothe Gel Arch Supports


Soothe Gel Heel Shields


Relief & support for sore feet
Add extra comfort to your shoes

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Say no to uncomfortable shoes! Cushion and support every step with these luxurious velvet-lined gel pads. Whether you need extra arch support, under-heel shock protection, or stopping shoes from rubbing the backs of your heels, they’re the quick fix that give blissful relief. The semiadhesive backing won’t leave sticky residue, and
they easily remove to brush clean. Put a spring back in your step today with these comfy velvet textured pads. Each comes in a set of 2.